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On the rise: college students share their passions on YouTube

In college, students tend to not have time for their hobbies and side interests when they have to balance both academics and a social life. These YouTubers prove that it is possible to maintain the stress of college as well as broadcast their passions online.

One such example is Kayla Sims. She started her current YouTube channel, lilsimsie, in 2015 where she posts gameplay of various video games, specifically ones from The Sims franchise. Though Sims started her YouTube channel before starting college, she continued creating content despite her shift to higher education.

Her content is not limited to just YouTube. Sims’ fans enjoyed the storytelling she implemented in videos which encouraged her to start a Twitch stream and her own podcast.

Another example is beauty YouTuber Nia Wellman. Her channel, Nia Imani, showcases different ways to style natural hair and makeup tutorials. Wellman currently attends Hampton University and frequently posts videos multiple times a month.

In addition to being a YouTuber, Wellman is the CEO and founder of the HairDays app where users can track their hair growth journey.


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